Troy Thomas for Sheriff


Dedicated to Unity in the Community.

Serving Monroe County since 1996.




Born and raised in Bloomington, I have spent the last 26 years proudly serving the residents of Monroe County as part of the Sheriff’s Office.  I currently lead the patrol division as a Lieutenant on the second shift.  If elected, I look forward to the opportunity to implement meaningful initiatives to keep our community safe and engaged with your participation, voice, and involvement. 


Enrich Community Engagement

Focused efforts on connecting with, and being more accessible to the community.

Pursue Alternatives to Arrest and Prosecution

By diverting individuals to services, rather than arrest, we are lessening the impact of arrest on community members and their families and helping the overall community by the ultimate goal of reducing recidivism.

Diversity Recruitment

Building trust and better communications with the community through a Sheriff’s Office that is more representative of the citizens it serves.


Actively sharing information with the community to rebuild the local and global community trust of law enforcement.

Enhance Jail Inmate Programming

Better support of our inmates will make for better citizens once they reenter the community and attempt to decrease the impact on their loved ones while incarcerated.

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